The Basic Logistics Pipe can give items travelling into the network a destination (storing them then in an adjacent inventory next to the pipe) and is used to craft all other Logistics Pipes. It is also recommended for routing as it needs the least resources of all Logistics Pipes (while all Logistics Pipes provide routing functionality).




  • 1 Diamond Pipe
  • 4 Glass
  • 2 Redstone Torches
  • 2 Golden Gears or 2 Golden Chipsets

Used in



  • Sorting incoming items
  • Routing



  • Requested items: Place items here to have this kind of item inserted into an adjacent inventory (or sent outside the network via a directly connected pipe if there is no adjacent inventory) after entering the network.
  • Default route (No/Yes): Places all items for which no other destination exists in the network into an adjacent inventory.

Plug & Play

Placing this item without configuring it makes it only route items through the network.


  • If there is no adjacent inventory or pipe leading out of the network requested items will drop from the pipe.
  • When putting items into an inventory it will not check if there is space for it in the inventory and will eject the item if there isn't any. Using a chassis with an ItemSink Module instead will reroute the item accordingly.