Requests and prioritiesEdit

Active requestsEdit

Only the Supplier Logistics Pipe (and its variations for the Builder and for liquids), the Crafting Logistics Pipe (when triggered by another active request) and the player by using a Request Logistics Pipe or the Remote Orderer can trigger an active request. Active requests are fulfilled only by Provider Logistics Pipes or Crafting Logistics Pipes (which then send an active request for the required materials).

Passive requests / destinationsEdit

This type of request only applies to items which are sent into the network without a destination (i.e. from a wooden transport pipe or a Quarry). These destinations have different priorities defined by the type of pipe or module used and its configuration:

Items which have no destination within the network will be dropped from the pipe where they enter the network. If there are multiple destinations with the same priority, the closest one will be chosen.


Logistics Pipes will automatically try to find the shortest way possible for items while ignoring any route segments which contains an Iron Transport Pipe or an Obsidian Transport Pipe. Using Diamond Transport Pipes within the network is not recommended as they are not necessary and even might drop items when misconfigured. Using any other basic transport pipe as a junction within the network is also not recommended as it might cause slight delays (until the items are bounced back often enough that they exit the junction on the correct side).