The Chassis provides a tiered basis for a modular system. It has routing functionality and it also checks for full inventories when used in conjunction with a depositing module and reroutes accordingly if necessary. Each tier provides a different amount of slots for modules.





Additional materials
Mark I
  • 8 Redstone Dust or 3 Redstone Chipsets
Mark II
  • 8 Iron Bars or 3 Iron Chipsets
Mark III
  • 8 Gold Bars or 3 Golden Chipsets
Mark IV
  • 8 Diamonds or 3 Diamond Chipsets
Mark V
  • 4 Blocks of Diamond
  • 4 Blocks of Gold



  • Providing functionality based on installed modules.
  • Routing



  • !: This button will open the configuration of the module next to it, if it is configurable.
  • Slot: Placing a module here will install it into the chassis. To uninstall the module, just remove or replace it.

Each version of a chassis has a different amount of available slots:

Version # of slots
Mark I 1
Mark II 2
Mark III 3
Mark IV 4
Mark V 8

It indicates its connection to an adjacent inventory with an orange stripe (this will be changed to a blue stripe in a future version):

The connected inventory can be changed by holding Shift and right-clicking the chassis with a wrench.

Plug & Play

Placing it without installing modules will make it only route items.


  • Reroutes items instead of ejecting them when trying to deposit into a full inventory.
  • Needs modules to perform operations
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