The Crafting Logistics Pipe is used in conjunction with a machine to craft items automatically within the network if requested and can also route items. When crafting items it requests the required materials from the network, places them inside the adjacent machine, waits for the expected output and pulls it out of the machine back into the network.






  • Automated crafting
  • Routing



  • Inputs: Place the required item(s) in the correct amount for the crafting process here.
  • Import: This button imports the crafting recipe from an adjacent Automated Crafting Table (BC).
  • Output: Place the expected output from the crafting process here.
  • Satellite Inputs: Items placed in these three slots will be routed to the configured Satellite Logistics Pipe instead.
  • <, Off/#, >: Here you can configure which Satellite Logistics Pipe should receive the items in the three Satellite Inputs.
  • Paint: Clicking this button draws a line inside the pipe network to the configured Satellite Logistics Pipe. Clicking it again removes the line.

Plug & Play

Without configuration this pipe will just route items within the network.


  • Crafting Logistics Pipes can request items from any providing source within the network - even other Crafting Logistics Pipes. (This means you can let the network craft i.e. ladders from wood if you have Crafting Logistics Pipes and Automated Crafting Tables which create wooden planks from wood, sticks from wooden planks and ladders from sticks.)
  • This pipe may also be used to convert items in machines other than Automated Crafting Tables (i.e. stone from cobblestone in an electric furnace from IC2).
  • Requesting any amount of items which will require more materials than the inventory of the connected machine can hold may cause unexpected results.
  • Crafting items in an Automated Crafting Table from non-stackable items requires a Satellite Logistics Pipe which is connected to a chest adjacent to the Automated Crafting Table (as the ACT will pull the items from the chest for the crafting process). Not adjusting the Crafting Logistics Pipe to route non-stackable items to the Satellite Logistics Pipe will cause unexpected results.
  • Multiple Crafting Logistics Pipes may use the same Satellite Logistics Pipe, but any Crafting Logistics Pipe may use only one Satellite Logistics Pipe.