The Extractor Module adds the functionality of a Wooden Transport Pipe to a Chassis (extracting items one after another from the connected inventory), but it can act as if connected to a different side (for machines which use ISidedInventory).




Mark I

  • 1 Blank Module
  • 3 Redstone Dust
  • 2 Lapis Lazuli
  • 1 Iron Gear & 2 additional Lapis Lazuli or 1 Iron Chipset

Mark II

  • 1 Extractor Module
  • 1 Golden Gear or 1 Golden Chipset



  • Extracting items from the connected inventory.
  • Extracting items from a specific side of the connected machine.



[X] Default, [ ] Top, [ ] Side, [ ] Bottom: Configures which side to extract from. Can be different than the side the Chassis is actually connected from.

Plug & Play

Installing it into a Chassis without configuration makes it pull items one after another from the connected inventory.


  • It is a compact replacement for a Wooden Transport Pipe with a Redstone Engine and a Redstone signal source.
  • The functionality to pull from a specific side allows for easier (and possibly more compact) piping.
  • Mark I pulls one item out every 5 seconds, Mark II pulls one item out every second.