The Liquid Supplier Logistics Pipe can actively request items which contain liquids from the network to keep the specified liquids stocked in the internal tank of an adjacent machine. It also serves for routing purposes.






  • Supplying machines with liquids
  • Routing



  • Liquids to keep stocked: Place liquid containing items in here to specify the desired type and amount which the pipe should try to keep in stock in the internal tank of the adjacent machine.
  • Partial requests (No/Yes): The default setting (No) causes the Supplier Logistics Pipe to only send a request if it can be fulfilled completely by the network. Setting it to Yes causes the pipe to request partial amounts if the full amount isn't available.

Plug & Play

Placing this item without configuring it makes it serve only routing purposes.


  • It does only work with items containing liquids which are registered with BC (buckets, IC2 cells, Forestry cans and Forestry capsules work, possibly others)
  • It does not connect to waterproof pipes or tanks from BC.
  • Requesting different items containing the same liquid with the same pipe may cause unexpected results.
  • Requesting more liquid than the internal tank can hold also may cause unexpected results.
  • If the item containing the liquid is reusable (i.e. buckets) the pipe will send the empty item back into the network.