The Remote Orderer may be used on any Logistics Pipe to make it serve as a Request Logistics Pipe temporarily by right-clicking the pipe with it.




  • 4 Glass
  • 2 Diamond Gears



  • Requesting items from the network



  • Top right: <; Page X/X; > : Allows you to browse through multiple pages of requestable items.
  • Dark grey area: List of all requestable items provided by the network. A number indicates how many items of this kind there are in stock (amounts over 1000 will always be rounded down to the next 1000 and abbreviated with k). Items with a 0 are not in stock, but can be crafted by the network. Click on an item to select it.
  • Bottom left: Stats: Offers a graph for the amount of the selected item in stock over the last 20 minutes.
  • Bottom right: Both/Craft/Supply:
  • Bottom left: Refresh: Refreshes the list of items.
  • Bottom: --; -; Request number; +; ++ : Displays and adjusts the number of the selected item which will be requested when you press Request. -- and ++ adjust by 10, - and + adjust by 1.
  • Bottom right: Request : Requests the amount of the selected item in the selected quantity. If the demand can be met the text Request successful! will appear in the chat and the network will supply the requested items (which can take a while if your routes are long and/or if the items have to be crafted first). If the network can not supply the requested items the text Missing: followed by which items are missing to fulfill the request will appear in the chat. If there are multiple items missing it will display a line with Missing: for each type of item.


  • When using the interface the amount of requested items can also be adjusted by using the mouse wheel. Holding Shift while using the mouse wheel will scroll through the available pages.