Installing the Terminus Module into a Chassis makes it serve as a low priority destination for the configured items when they travel into the network.




  • 1 Blank Module
  • 3 Redstone Dust
  • 1 Ink Sac
  • 1 Purple Dye
  • 1 Iron Gear & 1 additional Ink Sac & 1 additional Purple Dye or 1 Iron Chipset



  • Providing a way to dump certain incoming items after a certain amount of this type of item is present.



  • Terminated items: Place items here which should be accepted with a low priority.

Plug & Play

Without configuration it will not add any functionality to the chassis.


  • It has a low priority for requested items. Only a default route has a lower priority.
  • This module can be used to send incoming superfluous items (i.e. cobblestone from a Quarry) to a specific machine (i.e. a Recycler from IC2) after all Passive Supplier Modules have their demand of the specified items satisfied and all (Polymorphic) ItemSink Modules which are configured to accept the items specifically have no more room in their connected inventories for this item.
  • It is recommended to have no Basic Logistics Pipes accept the configured items specifically, because they have a normal priority and will receive the specified items before any Chassis with an installed Terminus Module and as these pipes have no overflow protection they will just eject the item, causing the Terminus Module to be effectively useless for these items.